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Criminal Justice (2019) Season 1 ( 720p HD AVC [Telugu + Tamil + Hindi + Malayalam + Kannada] )

1) Once Upon a Night:
Aditya drives the family cab, ends up picking up a young woman and spends the night with her. When he wakes up,he realises that the one night stand has turned into a nightmare. The girl is stabbed to death and he has no recollection of events.
2) Under Arrest:
Aditya is under arrest for rape & murder. An advocate Madhav bargains to represent him, but negotiations fail. Mandira, a reputed advocate takes up his case free of charge surprising all.
3) The Price of Life:
Mandira grapples with Aditya’s amnesia related to that fateful night. Madhav finds a new lead in the investigation. In jail, Mustafa makes an unexpected demand from Aditya.
4) The Trail:
Mustafa takes Aditya under his wing and gives an welcome gift. Madhav finds a mountain of evidence against Aditya at trial.
5) Beginning of the End:
Rivalry between Layak and Mustafa heats up. Aditya weighs the pros and cons of pleading guilty as Jimmy D’Souza makes a shocking revelation at court.
6) The Judgement Day:
While Aditya took a daunting task to appease Mustafa, Nikhat risks her career to free him. Judge gives the verdict.
7) A New Bond:
Aditya’s bond with Mustafa grows strong while his family crumbles. Meanwhile, Madhav finds new evidence that could turn the case around.
8) The Going gets Tough:
With the entry of new jail superintendent, Aditya and Mustafa relation end up with a solitary confinement. Meanwhile Madhav and Nikhat finds a new clue which went unnoticed.
9) A New Kingpin:
A brutal fight sends Aditya to hospital where he meets Mustafa. Raghu helps Madhav and Nikhat, together they open a new can of worms.
10) The Mystery:
Aditya peddles drugs in the jail but it doesn’t end well with Layak. Raghu produces a search warrant against the new suspect. Pushed into the corner, Aditya plans his final revenge against Layak. New crime & evidence has came to light and Aditya is acquitted. Aditya starts a new life. Finally, Madhav cleans up his apartment.


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