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City of Dreams Seasons 1 (2019)[Telugu + Tamil + Hindi + Malayalam + Kannada]

1) The Shoot-out :
An assassination attempt on Mumbai’s political stalwart Ameya Rao Gaikwad stuns the city. As the family deals with the shock, his son Ashish takes centre stage, while ‘Encounter’ Wasim gets on the case, unofficially.
2) The Response
With his personal life in a mess, Wasim gets a lead on one of the shooters. Meanwhile, Ashish spins out of control and a concerned Jiten asks Poornima to take charge.
3) The Rift
Poornima tries to persuade Ashish to consult her before making any decision, which doesn’t go down well with him. Meanwhile, Wasim keeps the hunt on in his own inimitable style.
4) The Hunt
When Ashish crosses the line, Poornima confronts him. On the other hand, Wasim tries to change the game with the trump card in his hand.
5) The Decision
Ashish makes a shocking confession to Shireen. Later, a furious Poornima opens up to Lipakshi.
6) The Black Book
Poornima turns the table on Ashish’s rally. Elsewhere, Wasim gets closer to the assassin, while Jiten hides the black book.
7) The Mastermind
Consumed by power and politics, Poornima’s relationship with Kaushik begins to crumble. Wasim meets an old informant and finds a crucial lead.
8) The Awakening
Scrambling for political support, Poornima tries hard to find her normal, while CM Jagdish gets into an unexpected alliance.
9) The Betrayal
Taking advantage of the situation, Jagdish makes his way to Delhi while Poornima learns the truth about the attack and the perpetrators.
10) The Victory
In the lead up to the grand party meeting, matters come to a head. Someone will win and someone will lose.


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